Ceiling air conditioning

Solutions for relaxed working environment

Research has shown that air quality in working premises has an important influence on the general satisfaction and working performance of employees and the comfort of customers. The ceiling air conditioning programme puts attention to energy solutions in offices and other smaller working premises or multi-apartment buildings.

We offer different types of air conditioning appliances and systems – systems with a variable refrigerant volume (Samsung DVM and Daikin VRV), split and multi-split systems, ventilation devices with recuperators, integrated cooling, heating and humidification of air. Our experts have extensive practical experience in the field of air conditioning of working premises, since we are one of the most experienced suppliers of this kind of products and solutions in Slovenia.

A systematic approach to placing appliances enabling economic, undisturbed and the most efficient operation while not obstructing the applicability of space has an important role in the air conditioning of working premises.

VRV/DVM system can easily substitute the traditional way of heating, since it enables heating when the outside temperature is ranging from –20 °C to 24 °C and cooling when the outside temperature is ranging from –5 °C do 43 °C. With the introduction of this form of heating, we can give up traditional fossil fuel driven boiler rooms and thus significantly reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and increase the applicability of space.

Inverter air conditioning systems save up to approximately 30 per cent of electric power based on a higher performance coefficient representing the relation between input and output power (EER and COP). If the outside temperature is –20 °C and inner temperature 20 °C, the COP is 3.24.