Technical assistance to design solutions

Cooperation with designers represents a challenge for our project teams. Complex project planning must include as much specialised teams as possible to minimise the possibility of mistakes.

Our contribution to projects is extensive knowledge and experience in the field of energy planning. We assist designers in project documentation preparation, scheme implementation etc. and offer support in the implementation of the final project plan. We believe in mutual cooperation.

Even though we are not directly engaged in implementation planning, we can be of a huge help to designers in all project phases. This is probably why so many of them decide to cooperate with us.

In the case of computer centre cooling, a lot of energy is discharged throughout the whole year. Instead of discharging it into surroundings we exploit it for sanitary water heating in summer time (partial exploitation of waste energy) and building and sanitary water heating in winter time (full exploitation of waste energy).

If outside temperatures are favourable (winter), we can ensure cooling of an entire computer centre with only outside air – this is so called free cooling. There is no need for mechanical cooling. In this way, we can achieve system efficiency (EER) of 30 or higher.