For working premises

Big solutions for large premises

Good well-being in the working environment contributes to a better business performance. The effectiveness of air conditioning in working premises is therefore of crucial importance. We plan energy systems with a high level of energy efficiency, economy and reliability.

The basis of an effective energy solution in larger working premises is the systematization and work organization. A solution development starts already at the inspection and analysis of the building and continues with expert advices ranging from the idea to the implementation, cooperation with designers and architects, supply, installation of the best equipment and system start.

Our job does not end with the system start. An integral part of our solutions is also system functionality care which we maintain with the help of technical assistance, counselling, maintenance and 24/7 service.

We are preparing an overview of the best solutions from the field of ceiling air conditioning enabling you a more precise insight into the energy planning of larger premises. Meanwhile you can read more about our services in the field of ceiling air conditioning.