Precision air conditioning

For quiet operation of sensitive devices

Provision and preservation of optimal conditions in rooms with sensitive technology equipment requires extremely reliable and precise solutions. Precision air conditioning is one of the key elements of our company, since we have been dealing with it for 30 years and are pioneers in the Slovenian territory.

In the field of precision air conditioning we cooperate with one of the world’s leading manufactures of precision equipment – Uniflair. We are preparing productive solutions for telecommunication and computer centres.

Air conditioning complexity and precision of this kind of buildings require a very systematic approach to seeking solutions and a high quality equipment, since an effective air conditioning can prolong the service life of precision appliances.

Never use comfort air conditioning appliances for cooling computer rooms, since they use up to twice more energy to ensure normal operation compared to precision air conditioning appliances. Causes for this are significantly greater air flows and extremely small difference between the total and cooling power of appliances.

Energy performance of precision air conditioning appliances can be achieved through energy-saving components, such as electronic expansion valves, EC vents, tandem compressors, the newest Freon products and choosing units with free cooling.