Room air conditioning

Air conditioning appliances for the freshness of your home

Freshness and effective ventilation are key elements for the comfort of your living space. Air conditioning of a home is a very important process that we undertake in cooperation with the customer in order to find an appropriate solution.

We offer different types of air conditioning appliances – inverter and non-inverter air conditioning appliances and air conditioning appliances with humidifying function as well as appliances heating at –20 °C. These appliances can be used during the transition between year seasons, in spring and autumn, for a more cost-effective and environment-friendly heating. With air conditioning appliances from our sales programme, we guarantee you effective and long-term energy solutions for your home.

By heating with an air conditioning appliance during the transition between year seasons, you can save up to 10 per cent of fossil fuel storage.

Air-to-air heat pumps gain three quarters of their energy from renewable sources, more precisely from the air. This form of energy is renewable and inexhaustible. The last third comes from electrical power which is also progressively being gained from renewable sources.