Reliable service throughout the entire Slovenia

Our expert service team has a more than 30-year tradition with rehabilitation, maintenance and reconditioning of cooling systems and energy devices. Since our service centres are located throughout the entire country and we have several external partners, you can reach us any time.

We have knowledge to provide device operation support in all life cycles from maintenance, preventive maintenance, rehabilitation, service and system upgrade. A service is not merely trouble-shooting, but it also includes advices for optimization, energy-saving and preventive mechanisms for an effective management and automatic device maintenance. An effective service is important for the ecological acceptability of devices which is ensured by proper operation and safe storage of waste.

Specialised servicer team

In order to provide a greater service quality, our teams are organised based on the type of air conditioning they carry out. We are one of the few companies in Slovenia with the kind of working method considering all professional standards. Our service is divided into teams responsible for:
- room air conditioning (air conditioning appliances in houses and smaller housings),
- ceiling air conditioning (systems in business premises and multi-apartment buildings) and
- precision air conditioning (systems in telecommunication and computer centres).

Due to the development of new technologies exploiting renewable sources and due to technological progress in automation, our service programme includes also service teams in charge of renewable sources (heat pumps, solar systems, photovoltaics etc.) and automation (automation solution support).

Contract maintenance advantages

A maintenance contract ensures a response time up to 2 hours.

A maintenance contract ensures a long-term operation of technologically advanced appliances, especially within larger systems. Contract maintenance advantages are principally a regular maintenance and a short response time. This form of maintenance organization is appropriate especially for the support of sensitive and precise appliances. Contract on the maintenance of precision air conditioning guarantees you an additional optimal reliability and a short response time (up to two hours).

Split system users are recommended to clean the external and internal part of the appliance (capacitor and vaporizer) at least once a year. By performing a simple cleaning, you can significantly reduce energy consumption in the entire operating period.