Technical assistance

Provision of optimal appliance performance

Technical assistance is an additional provision of a reliable energy appliance operation and its related optimal performance. In this field, knowledge of all our experts pools so that we can offer our customers the best and specific advices regarding appliance management.

We offer also technical assistance in fields ranging from installation to appliance and system start. The scope of technical assistance depends on the system complexity, but we nevertheless adhere to the principle that a practical advice is just as important in connection with a simple air conditioning appliance as it is with complex systems.

Training of users

Training process starts already during installation procedure. By giving them practical advices, we prepare users for an effective device management which has a strong influence on the functionality on the device. In this context, we have to emphasise the value of expert's practical explanation which is more effective than dry written instructions. That is why training of users is a process which we gladly address and our customers appreciate it.


Counselling is the next level of technical assistance. It is especially important for the preservation of energy performance. We give our users various information and advice for an unworried device management.


Device automation comprises the commissioning of central supervisory system, controlling and other technology solutions helping users facilitate device management. We adjust automation plan according to users wishes, needs and abilities.